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News and facts 2002

New snake has born! Lester vd Berg         mail lester now!!!
Sven has become a father!
29|10|02 Oktober 29 Sven has become father of a son called 'Lester'.
Congratulations Sven and Laura!!!

New CD Kingsnakes recording mid november
Special guests to be anounced!
18|10|02 It's time for a new album so we decided to record a new one with a couple of special guests. So stay tuned and come back frequently for more news about our new CD.

Kingsnakes with the Paladins
November 19 in Atak, Enschede
Tuesday evening november 19 we will open for the Paladins. The fantastic band from San Diego, California will be on a European tour.
Music writers have likened The Paladins' high-energy blend of rock 'n' roll, R&B, swing and rockabilly to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and other hard-working roadhouse rock bands. A Washington Post critic may have described The Paladins' music best, however, when he wrote, "If musicianship, dedication, soul and the ability to express raw emotion were all you needed to gain fame and wealth, The Paladins would be known in every home in the land, and they'd have enough money to buy New York."

For more Atak news visit the Atak website. Thanks Diederik!
For more shows of the Paladins visit the Dutch Paladins website.


Vibrotones' last gig then they split!
The Vibrotones & The Lucy Dee's Angels
05|11|02 On drums it's Eric van Tilburg who also does all the vocals, on the upright bass there's Robert Adriaansen, also known as Mr. P and their great guitarman is called Jacko de Jonge. The band was formed in 1997 and ever since they really got it going.

After six years of full blast rock 'n' roll it's over. Oktober 19 will be the last gig and then they split up. Muziekcafe Helmond is where it all started, Muziekcafe Helmond is where they split up. A lot of special friends will be there including the famous Lucy Dee's Angels! Doors will be open 21.00. Showtime 23.30. Be on time, doors will be closed when it's full.


Show cancelled Jazzfestival Delft
It was raining down seriously!
The whole stage was coming down because of the bad weather. A complete disaster! The whole festival was cancelled. So there was one thing to do, go to the bar 'De Zaak' in Zaltbommel and have a couple of drinks...
It was Sven's birthday too!

Kingsnakes replacing show Cuban Heels
Old style Jazzfestival Delft August 24 2002
Because of a inguinal hernia the singer of the Cuban Heels Jan Hidding has cancelled the show in Delft. The Snakes now replace the Heels. Take care Jan!
Where: Markt on the big stage, Cafe Luna Delft. The show starts at 21.30. Be there!

Eric's birthday august 8!!!                 mail eric  now!!!
'Poepie' scheetje, duifje has become 36 yrs!
Our little drummer boy has become 36 years. Congratulations 'lekkere boy'!
En tsjingeladieboem en Tokkielokkie en Toetemeloerus en Hassepassie en Hossemetos en Takkepokketogus!!!!
Komp allemaal op ze verjaardag want hij gaat een hele boel drank weggeven. Dit wor gevier op 18 augustus. In de tuin waar die een fukking barbeque gaat geve!!!! Wederom met lekkere spiezen. Laten we maar hopen dat ie het gras gemaaid heeft dan... he? Takkelorus!


Yo, baby Yo!!

Arno Vervest new bassplayer Kingsnakes
Arno Vervest on the upright bass.
22|06|02Arno has changed temporary bassplayer for permanent bassplayer. Playing with Arno worked out real good. Now he's switching between two bands.
Thanx Generators for helping us out!

Kingsnakes concert Luxembourg june 21-22
Tim Metz making a documetary about the Kingsnakes.

From friday june 21 till sunday june 23 The Kingsnakes are giving two concerts in Luxembourg. The trip, the concert including those sleazy backstage scenes will be shot on video by Tim Metz. The documentary and a special cut videoclip will be for sale on this site soon. So stay tuned!

Tim is video specialist for: and
And he is an html expert for
Besides filming, he loves travelling, snowboarding and of course, any excuse to party! You can reach him at


Tim Metz

Gitaarnet interview with André
Here you can see an interview with André talking about his guitars and amplifiers.


Temporary bassplayer Kingsnakes
Arno 'Moonshine' Vervest on the upright bass.

11|05|02 OK, it's a shame but Robbie, our bassplayer has left the band because of some internal problems. So for the time being the bassplayer from the fantastic band
The Generators
from Eindhoven will help us out till we've found another bassman.

The Generators started at the beginning of 1999. It merged together from two bands playing at that time. Members of both bands played together at a Gig in the southern part of the Netherlands and it just clicked! Sometimes you got the feeling that something is happening. They started to work on the 'GENERATORS' sound. It sounds like a burning mixture of red hot West Coast Swing and Jump Blues with Chicago influences, like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers, T-bone Walker, James Harman Band. We play a mixture of covers and Generator Songs.


Arno Vervest

Mike and the Kingtones!  nix bluesclub 16 feb 2002
Mike Donkers from Mike and the Mellotones plays with the Kingsnakes.

Mike will pick up his guitar and play some songs with the Kingsnakes. They will tear the place down! So please come over to the Nix Bluesclub, Enschede.
The Lester Butler Tribute Band will be there too!
Enrico Crivellaro, Matt Scofield, Big Pete v.d. Pluym, Eddy Clarck and Rick Reed.

Biography of Lester Butler. Musical visionaries in their lifetime are often criticized for blasphemously blending musical styles. Such was the case with Lester Butler. His last album, 13, melded the roots of American music, blues and alternative rock. Yet Butler could also get down and blow some hardcore blues, backing luminaries Billy Boy Arnold, King Ernest and Finis Tasby.
His first band, the Red Devils, received the attention of producer Rick Rubin [Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty] while playing their favorite haunt, the King King. With Rubin, they released their only album, which was named after that haunt. Their sound attracted the likes of Jagger, who took them into the studio, but the tracks were never used for Jagger's album Wandering Spirit. Alex Schultz, fresh from Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, teamed with Butler to form 13. Though abhorred by blues purists, the group broke ground, especially in Europe where they drew high praise from rock bands, who in turn gave 13 opening slots for their shows. 13 was a step away from stardom when Butler died unexpectedly at age 38.
- Char Ham


Mike Donkers

Blues Matters! magazine England  dec 2001 - feb 2002
The Netherlands. Famous for the windmills, tulips, cheese and blues.

According to the statistics of the Benelux Blues Scene [] there are at least 263 working Dutch bluesbands [7 December 2001]. In order to help these merry men and women in getting attention overseas (UK and USA), I proudly present to you three representatives of the new generation of Dutch bluesbands. A random selection for starters.
'Number one' is the Kingsnakes' debut [2000]. It earned these musicians lots of rave reviews, and they deserve nothing less. The growling voice of singer Sven is the most striking ingredient of the Kingsnakes-sound. He is a worthy harp-player too, and his wailing harmonica-solos are a real treat. Eric [drums] and Rob [bass] put up a good show themselves. A great rhythm-section, complemented by André with his unwavering guitarchops and solid leadparts. There are two guests, on piano and sax, who enliven a couple of tracks. The CD features mostly shuffles in a variety of styles, and there is only one slower blues, which happens to be my personal favourite. The band recorded two originals that are performed with ripping intensity, but the twelve tightly played covers really make this album worthwhile. Unfortunately, these guys only rock for 53 minutes. For more information on the band and the CD 'Number one' please visit
John Wigmans from Blues Matters! Magazine, England.

Loons Kwartier  27 januari 2002
Sander Goirlee op de upright bass.

Voor het optreden van 27 januari in Het Loons Kwartier, Loon op Zand zal de bas overgenomen worden door Sander Goirlee. Rob is helaas verhinderd. Sander speelt bas bij de fantastische Rockabilly formatie Jessie Garon and the Greyhounds.

Deze vier Zaltbommelse muzikanten hebben in de afgelopen vijf jaar vrijwel alle podia in Nederland bespeeld. In 2000 gingen ze helemaal terug naar waar de popmuziek begon. Rockabilly! Rock & roll in zijn puurste vorm. Nummers van alle grootheden uit de jaren vijftig en het begin van de jaren zestig komen langs. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent en het vroege werk van The Beatles en The Stones. Een repertoire dat van het begin tot het eind een feest van herkenning is en waarbij geen enkele luisteraar stil kan blijven staan. Met Rob Roemers [gitaar en zang], Sander Gorlee [contrabas en zang], Gerrit Wagemakers [drums en zang] en Gijsbert van der Wal [piano] is rock & roll op het hoogste niveau gegarandeerd.

Jesse Garon

v.l.n.r.: Sander, Gijsbert,
Gerrit en Rob